Your First Visit

Your first office visit will generally take at least one hour to complete.  If you have a special problem or have been referred for consultation, additional time may be required.  A dilated examination is generally part of the initial evaluation, so it may be advisable to have someone drive you home from your appointment.

New patients should plan to arrive a few minutes early.  General information will be verified and a copy of your current insurance card and your photo ID will be taken.  If your insurance requires a referral, please be sure to obtain one from your primary care physician before coming for your appointment.

Your examination will begin by meeting with one of our medical technicians who will complete a history of your eye problems and general health.  The technician will also make some measurements that will be used in your consultation with the doctor.  Also, please bring along the following items:

  • A list of all medications that you currently are taking, including dosages and frequency.
  • Your current eyeglasses, contact lenses and any other additional contact lens information.
  • Photo identification.
  • Insurance information, including your current insurance membership card.

Your ophthalmologist will meet with you to continue and complete your examination, which will conclude with an outline of treatment recommendations.  If you have been referred to our office my another doctor, we will provide that doctor with a report of your examination and our recommendations.

INSURANCE:  Our office participates with Medicare and most managed care plans.  We will expect payment at the time of service for all co-payments.  We accept cash, check and Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express Cards.  If you are a Medicare patient, you will be responsible for the yearly deductible as well as the 20% co-pay of the Medicare allowable charge.  It is important to note that Medicare does not pay for the refraction fee involved in your eye exam.  Please read our financial policy.

Please call our office at 724-482-0090 if there are any questions prior to your visit.